8. Caroline Bay


Did you know? The sea used to reach the cliffs until the Port was established and changed the long shore movement of sediment. Fine sand built up over a century, creating an artificial shallow and sandy bay. In early 1894 the Harbour Board granted the borough council a lease of 37.6ha rent-free land, including the whole of the bay. In 1902 Mayor James Craigie offered a prize to J. Morris for the best beautifying scheme for the bay. The first slides, sea-saws, swings, and flying fox were set up around 1904. Christmas carnivals have been held at Caroline Bay since 1911. Caroline Bay became a popular seaside resort. Now, little blue penguins nest in the rock wall at Marine Parade and waddle ashore after 9pm to 11pm late October to early January.

Can you find? The war memorial wall and the posts marking the shore line position over the years?

Pick up a free: WuHoo Caroline Bay Scavenger hunt from the Information Center or SC Museum.

WuHoo Challenge: Smell the roses in one of the largest collection of heritage roses in the Southern Hemisphere. End of November to the beginning of December is when the garden is at its peak. Do the tea rose smell like tea? Take in the view from the Boardwalk and post a selfie #WuHooTimaru.

See if you can find the Palliser Fountain? It used to be in front of a band rotunda before being relocated to make way for the new sound shell.
Have you ever noticed the animals? Do you know how many there are?
"The Palliser Fountain was built from hollow compound block which the building firm Palliser and Sons then produced. This drinking fountain was presented by Mr Frank Palliser in 1905, and moved to its present site in 1937. It was originally equipped with four water jets and chained drinking cups (later removed and one is at the SC Museum). The water now disconnected." - Discovering Timaru Book
Chalmers Church is built from the same block and then plastered over.