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Find a WuHoo in Timaru Te Tihi-O-Maru... Got family and friends visiting? Or want to have a look around by car? Here is a route round town that will give you a great overview ot Timaru and it's history...
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It's pretty satisfying showing our home to friends, family and travelers, and even more important knowing the interesting places to show them. So we are working on a list to help you find Timaru's attractions, their history and some fun facts along the way. Best of all, it's free.

Our suggestion would be start with the Timaru Scenic Drive and then do WuHoo Challenges along the way. We love the blend of the past and the present, seeing the development of the area, our Districts heritage and character. Timaru has heaps of parks, beaches, forests, wetlands, walks, biking trails, short drives. Maybe when you get back to your arm chair, you might like to print off some colourful facts to increase your awareness of our heritage, environment, arts, culture and every day lives.



Lots of WuHoo's to find along the way! and apart from some petrol and a picnic, it's all free! Connect to our Art, Culture, History and Environment with our free Timaru Scenic Drive.

1. Heritage Place
Pick up your FREE Timaru Scenic Route guide
WuHoo Hunts and Colourful fact sheets, birds, bees, bats and the Strathallan. Check out the sign for the Heritage Trails, plaque for Timaru's first European House, History Signs and Sculpture, Street Art

2. Timaru Botanic Gardens
History, Information Signs & Scavenger Hunt

3. Pātītī Point
WuHoo Art History Signs, find special stones on the beach, Coastal Walk

4. Ōtipua Wetlands & Saltwater Creek
Find mini beasts in a wetland, watch the birds, Coastal Walk, Walk/Bike to Centennial Park

5. Centennial Park
Play43 Playground Challenge, feed ducks from the jetty, take the bikes for little kids loop and more challenging rides for the teens and adults

6. Waitarakao Washdyke Lagoon
Go at low tide and investigate the creatures in the rock pools - we found an octopus there!

7. Blackett Lighthouse
Brass Rubbing Trail, Coastal Track, excellent view across the bay

8. Caroline Bay
Caroline Bay Spy 100 Challenge, WuHoo Art History Signs, Brass Rubbing Trail

9. Aigantighe Art Gallery
Timaru Sculpture Hunt, sculpture garden, peaceful park, exhibitions inside

10. South Canterbury Museum Pioneer Hall
Learn about the Districts history and environment. You can pick up free WuHoo Hunts and Colourful fact sheets, birds, bees, bats and the Strathallan, and the brass rubbing trail

DOWNLOAD The Timaru Scenic Route here

Take the road that runs through the park from Otipua Rd Zig Zag to Gleniti. Or walk the 3.5km walkway.



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On the north side of Timaru at the top of the Showgrounds Hill drive down Bridge Rd, towards the Smithfield Freezing works, park before the railway bridge . There is a stile that leads to a walking track that usually heads around to the right back towards Timaru and rock pools at low tide at Smith Beach. (however this is currently closed) See the volcanic rock, where an old lava stream met the sea and the old WW2 gun emplacements from the lower track. The area is beautiful on a stormy day with waves battering the coast. 

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If you have time, this is a great wee walk with views to Caroline Bay along a cliff top to a lava outcrop. It is in between Waitarakao Washdyke Lagoon and Blackett Lighthouse at Benvenue Cliffs. Low tide offers the best access to the lava apron that oozed from Mt Horrible 2 million years ago

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