FRIENDS SculptureHunt JackSamMedi Piazza Timaru Square 380pxWe have been working on a FREE map locating various sculptures, monuments and fountains for you to explore anytime of the day for free. The FREE map is available from the Aigantighe. 

The town's sculptures can now be explored and enjoyed through a map. The Timaru Sculpture Map was designed by the Friends of the Aigantighe Art Gallery and was launched on December 18th 2016, and offers people a chance to travel around the sculptures, learn more about their history and take part in a quiz. 

Friends of the Aigantighe Art Gallery president Roselyn Fauth and Aigantighe Art Gallery manager Cara Fitzgerald said the pair came up with the idea for the map when they met earlier in the year. "We were brainstorming ways the friends could help the gallery celebrate the arts in the region.

The map includes a quiz that can be completed by visiting each sculpture. Once the quiz has been completed you can use the answers to decipher the sculpture challenge on the reverse side. The maps also have a sculpture themed activity sheet, ideal for entertaining the kids. You can visit the Aigantighe to check your quiz answers and see if you got the sculpture challenge answer correct to receive a special little something.
The map has been designed by Roselyn Fauth from the Friends of Aigantighe. The printing has been sponsored by The Timaru District Council.

A small print run will be produced initially. We are hoping to gain feedback and suggestions to evolve the map early 2017.

“Public art in Timaru is dynamic and evolving. Its role in society is to engage, provoke and enhance the urban landscape. It helps instill a sense of pride within our community.” 

"As part of celebrating the arts in Timaru, The Friends of the Aigantighe are proud to present the Timaru Sculpture Hunt. We hope you enjoy discovering clues to solve the Sculpture Challenge."

The Timaru sculpture Hunt map is free and available now at the Aigantighe Art Gallery. The gallery's Sculpture Garden is always open. The Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, Saturday and Sundays from noon to 4pm and closed on Mondays.

Complete the sculpture hunt quiz, to reveal the challenge answer

Visit the sculptures, monuments and fountains around Timaru to answer the following quiz. Then use the answers of the questions highlighted with “clue” to reveal the sculpture challenge answer on the reverse of this map.

Download the A4 hunt here: Challenge, Map

Download the A3 Hunt.pdf

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Public art in Timaru is dynamic and evolving. Its role in society is to engage, provoke and enhance the urban landscape. It helps instil a sense of pride within our community.” – Cara Fitzgerald. Manager of Aigantighe Art Gallery

“As part of celebrating the arts in Timaru, The Friends of the Aigantighe are proud to present the Timaru Sculpture Hunt. We hope you enjoy discovering clues to solve the Sculpture Challenge.” – Roselyn Fauth. President of the Friends of Aigantighe Art Gallery Inc 2020 & Co-Founder of WuHoo Timaru.

Definition of sculpture: The art of making two or three dimensional representative or abstract forms, especially by carving stone or wood or by casting metal or plaster.

Mt Somers Stone Sculptures

An international Stone Carving Symposium was held at Maungati in South Canterbury in February 1990 as part
of the Aoraki Festival. The sculptures that resulted from this event were gifted to the nation and the Aigantighe Garden
was chosen as the site for their permanent safekeeping.

1 Ian Lamont. Cabbage Tree. Steel. 2003
2 Debbie Templeton-Page. Eyes on the Face of Time Bluestone. 2016
3 Sam Mahon. Time Bomb. Steel. 2007
4 Darcy Nicholas. Hinerangi. Limestone. 1990
5 Buck Nin. The Matriach. Limestone. 1990
6 Nicolas Mukomberanwa. The Baboon. Limestone. 1990
7 John Bevan Ford. Tu Terakiwhanoa. Limestone. 1990
8 Fred Graham. Pouakai Myth and Reality. Limestone. 1990
9 Phillippa Wilson. Tranquilla Vita. Steel Plate. 1997
10 Atsuo Okamoto. Mystery of the Unknown. Limestone. 1990
11 Dan De Har. Ranginui. Limestone. 1990
12 Bernard Takawira. The Daughter. Limestone. 1990
13 Matt Pine. Tapu and Noa. Limestone. 1990


Sculptures at the Aigantighe Art Gallery Sculpture Garden

14 Murial Moody. Adolescence. Bronze. 1985
15 Pat Foster. Figure with Inner Child. Black Serpentine. 1994
16 Pat Foster. Reclining Earth Goddess. Nelson Marble. 1993
17 Pat Foster. Veiled Mother with Child. Black Serpentine. 1997
18 Pat Foster. Seated Black Figure. Marble
19 Pat Foster. Child and Wall. Nelson Marble. 1998
20 Pat Foster. Standing Mother with Child. Nelson Marble.1991
21 Pat Foster. Head with Round Mouth. Nelson Marble.1987
22 Pat Foster. White Family Group. Nelson Marble.1993
23 Pat Foster. White Goddess. Nelson Marble.1992
24 Sam Mahon. Time Bomb. Steel. 2007
25 Phillippa Wilson. Tranquilla Vita. Steel Plate. 1997
26 Don Paterson. Integrity. Mixed Media. 2014
27 Phillippa Wilson. Butterfly. Steel Plate, Gold Leaf. 1996
28 Phillippa Wilson. Seasons. Steel Plate, Gold Leaf. 1994


Caroline Bay

31 Rose Garden Fountain. 2001
32 Peony Rose Garden Fountain
33 Margriet Windhausen. The Face of Peace. Bronze. 2008
34 Promenade Fountain 3.
35 Rory MacDougall. Triffid. 2010
36 Stuart King. One planet Few Lovers. 2010
37 Gary Baynes. Winds of Change. 2010
38 Debbie Templeton Page. Xanthe & Nevaeh. Basalt. 2012
39 Michael Armstrong. A lazy Wind. 2010
40 Debbie Templeton-Page. Bronze. 2008


Central Business District

41 Margriet Windhausen. Bob Fitzsimmons. Bronze. 1987
42 Russell Clark. The Ear. Ferro Cement. 1957
43 Russell Beck. Syncline. 2009
44 Trevor Askin. Paperboy. Bronze. 1997
45 Llewelyn Summers. Tranquillity. Cast Concrete. 1981
46 Margriet Windhausen. Admiral Sir Gordon Tait. 2011 
47 Margriet Windhausen. The RT Hon Lord Elworthy. 1990
48 Doug Neil. Rock of the Heartland. Basalt. 2008
49 Donald Paterson. Captain Cain. Bronze/Polymer Resin. 1999


Around Timaru 

50 Rob D'Auvergne. Icthys. 2009
51 Artist Unknown. Robbie Burns Statue. Marble. 1913 (Located: Botanical Gardens) 
52 The Anderson Rose Fountain. Timaru Gardens. 2002 (Located: Botanical Gardens)
53 Alison Duff. Mother and Child. Hinuera Stone (Located: Timaru Girls’ High School, Cain St)
54 Katrina Thomson. The Shortest Day. 2009 (Located: Centennial Park, (Zig Zag) off Church St)
55 Margriet Windhausen. Jack Lovelock Statue. 2002 (Located: Timaru Boys’ High School, North St)
56 Joanne Sullivan-Gessler. Phar Lap. Bronze 2009 (Located: Phar Lap Raceway, SH 1, Washdyke)
57 Llew Summers. Circling the Baroque. Bronze. 2017
58 Matthew Williams. Quadratic. 2019. Steel on Bluestone Pillar
59 Gypsy and Eddie Poulston. Family of Three. Aluminium

Llewelyn (Llew) Summers (1947-2019) was a sculptor based in Christchurch, New Zealand, known for his distinctive sculptures of the human form. We are so grateful to be able to enjoy two beautiful public artworks by him. The Aigantighe Art Gallery is very fortunate to have two of Summers' works in its permanent collection as well. 

Tranquility is outside the Timaru Public Library. This was Summers' first sculpture to be installed in Timaru Tranquility in 1981. It caused a bit of controversy, and depicts a nude woman.
Encircling the Baroque is at the Piazza on the Bay Hill. It is created from bronze, is formed in the shape of an 'O'  stands 2.3m high and depicts figures.

Summers started sculpting in his late teens while working on farms in the early 1960s. He decided to become an artist in 1977. He worked from a warehouse-style workshop filled with machinery, including a mechanical drill from the early 1900s, at his Mt Pleasant property.

Summers told Stuff in December 2011 that he still remembered the heated reaction of one of his first major works in Timaru – Tranquility. The piece, which was commissioned in 1981, sits outside the Timaru Library. "There were heaps of comments about it, and about 20 or more people wrote letters to the Timaru Herald, but I seem to remember about nine of those letters were in favour, which was nice," he said. "People are quicker to criticise than compliment. I always prefer to have some response than none at all. All art should challenge to some degree. The work was a major turning point for me."