Bay Bucket List

How many buckets can you tick off?

1. Point to 12 on 2 different sundials
2. Have your photo taken with all the WuHoo Signs at the Bay
3. Find the Weather Vanes at the Tearooms and Rose Garden
4. Look out from the Benvenue Cliffs and knock on the Lighthouse door
5. Walk along the longest log or longest line you can find on the beach
6. Write your name as big as you can in the sand
7. Salute Timaru’s tallest “Champagne” tree 32m and over 150yrs old
8. Make a loud echo in the Port Loop Tunnels
9. Find four fountains, whistle to one with the most instruments
10. Try 5 different Outdoor Gym machines
11. Find 5 sculptures choose your favourite
12. Twirl around the Rose Garden. Can you find the largest Rose Flower?
13. Pull a face at the Face of Peace. Find your country at the War Memorial
14. Feel the protected Schinus molle Peruvian Pepper Tree on the Piazza
15. Fly a kite, throw a frisbee, bat a volley ball or kick a ball at the Bay
16. Get a photo with a Yellow Horse, and on the Paddling Pool Bridge
17. Rub the top of a little Lighthouse
18. Count 10 different types of birds in the Aviary. Which is your favourite?
19. Follow the Brass Rubbing Trail with a WuHoo Rubbing Hunt
20. Have your photo taken in the Bluestone Arch with a special stone