Looking for free fun in Timaru?

Find a WuHoo! Family friendly fun activities in Timaru that are free.

Timaru District has wonderful environment, and rich heritage and culture to explore. There is so much, it's hard sometimes to know where to start. So Timaru couple Rose and Chris with some help, decided to pull together some scavenger hunts and challenges to help folks be inspired to explore.

You can pop into the South Canterbury Museum and Timaru Visitor Center to pick up your free scavenger hunts and hand outs. And explore our website to find: Timaru Botanic Gardens Scavenger Hunt, Caroline Bay Scavenger Hunt, Timaru Sculpture Challenge, Play43 Playground Challenge, Brass Rubbing Trail, Timaru Rocks, Home History Resources and Profiles, Colourful Fact Sheets, Art History WuHoo Sign Trail + Scenic Routes and Day Trips. 

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